cheese please

Over the weekend Davis and I had an impromptu cheese party at my house. We ventured out to our fav cheese shop (read Davis’s post on The Cheese Boutique here) and proceeded to indulge in some amazing cheeses and cured meats.

I’m not a cheese expert by any means, but this is how I’d describe our selections for the night:

Roaring forties: a favourite blue cheese for both Davis and I, it’s sharp tasting, pleasantly pungent, slightly creamy and not too overpowering.

Old Amsterdam: an aged Gouda that is dry and slightly gritty, it has caramel-y sweet undertones, but is also quite sharp tasting too.

Prima Donna: has the same texture as a semi-old Gouda, but is nuttier and a bit more piquant. It’s milder than the Old Amsterdam, but more flavourful than your average Gouda.

Niagara Gold: a semi-soft cheese that tastes amazingly buttery, sweet and tangy all at the same time.

Comfort Cream: a super creamy camembert-style cheese that is decadently rich, salty and oh so good on it’s own or with a dollop of red pepper jelly.

We also made bacon wrapped dates stuffed with Parmigiano Reggiano, retro-inspired deviled eggs and bought some amazing Grand Marnier chicken liver mousse made in Quebec. Along with some good baguette and crostini thrown in for good measure, we had a delicious evening.

Clockwise from top left: Roaring Forties (Australia); Old Amsterdam (Netherlands); Prima Donna (Netherlands); Niagara Gold (Ontario); Comfort Cream (Ontario); Homemade red pepper jelly; Iberico Chorizo (Spain); Rosette de Lyon salami (France); Spicy Casalingo salami (Italy)


  1. can I come to the next cheese party?

  2. what a fantastic idea, I feel totally inspired to have an impromptu cheese party too now and try some new cheeses.

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