quebec city pt.2

Too much indulging went on during my trip to Quebec City. Lets just say that I'm only eating vegetables this week.

pretty packaging from Erico Choco-Musee (part chocolate shop, part chocolate museum)

* from top to bottom: valrhona ganache, butter pecan, fleur de sel caramel

* Erico Choco-Musee
634 rue Saint-Jean

Fromagerie Lemaire off the Trans-Canada Highway near Drummondville, Quebec. Known for their poutine and cheese curds, I had to stop here on our way home. The poutine was delicious (mainly due to the freshest cheese curds ever!) and they offer varieties such as smoked meat poutine and roast beef poutine. They do use frozen french fries, however, they were crispy, not overly greasy and I didn't care because the cheese curds were blowing my mind. This place knows their poutine.

* original poutine (they even layer in the cheese curds so there's cheesy goodness all the way through, not just on top)

* saucisse poutine (my bro found out that "saucisse" doesn't mean sausage in this case, it means hot dogs. He still ate all of it)

* italian poutine (no gravy, just meat sauce. this was mine and it was real good)

these cheese curds were freshly scooped and bagged for me. They were still warm when they were placed into my greedy hands. So squeaky!

they also sell a large variety of Quebec cheeses, but i was too busy admiring my bags of cheese curds

* Fromagerie Lemaire
2095, route 122
St-Cyrille, Quebec

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