some dim sum

It's our first post!

While brainstorming ideas for this blog, I had a major craving for dim sum. So Davis and I made plans to go to Pearl Court this past Saturday. I definitely don’t think that they have the best dim sum in the city, but it's a spot we both frequent due to it's close proximity to our houses and because, well, it's tasty enough to satisfy the dim sum void in our bellies. Plus, we’re a bit nostalgic for the traditional carts and the cart ladies that circle the room and try to convince you to take whatever they’re offering. Needless to say, we ate a lot.

* Bright Pearl restaurant
346 Spadina Ave.

* tea + sauces

* deep-fried capelin

* deep-fried squid

* chinese donut wrapped in rice noodle (zha liang)

* rice flour roll with beef

* rice flour roll with shrimp

* sui mei

* har gow

* shrimp springrolls

* deep-fried shrimp wontons

* sticky rice dumplings (haam sui gok)

* chinese broccoli

the aftermath


  1. the pictures look great. what camera do you use? Food photography is always difficult!

  2. thanks! i use a fuji f40 fd and davis uses....uh, davis what do you use? the above pics are a combination of mine and davis's pics!

  3. (Davis), I use an old school Sony Cybershot with a 6.0 megapixels. I'm probably about 7-8 megapixels behind. I will be hopefully upgrading to a Nikon digital SLR for better close-ups. Although it's an older point and shoot you can still get quality shots.

  4. Love it!! Great pics and blog idea. It's making me crave dim sum now. :) I love cooking and finding new recipes. Will you be posting any recipes?

  5. I laughed seeing the coke cans because I never drink coke but whenever I eat Chinese food, I NEED a coke to wash it down!

  6. hello !! that rice beef roll up recipe is escaping me at every turn !!