bakery nakamura

Located in J-Town between Heisei Mart (the Japanese grocery store) and Famu (the Japanese butcher), is Bakery Nakamura. We eyed the buns here before we even sat down for our lunch and made plans to get our hands on some on our way out. We ended up choosing only savoury flavours, but there are sweet buns available too, like the popular melon-pan and cream or chocolate-filled cornets.

* bacon stick
The chewy baguette-like bread paired with salty bacon was dreamy. We squirted a bit of kewpie on this bad boy and were in heaven.

* cheddar cheese bun
This bun was perfectly cheesy and soft. Nuff said.

* pizza bun
Olives, cheese, tomato sauce and bread, this was a much better version of those grocery store pizza buns. Way better.

* curry beef bun
Definitely the least favourite. Nothing so wrong with it, just wasn't the bacon stick.

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