Banjara is an Indian restaurant that sits where an old Korean fried chicken joint used to be beside Christie Pits Park. Although I don't go out for Indian food that often, I do appreciate a good curry every once in a while. We feasted on fresh, flavourful meat and veggie dishes, crispy onion bhajias, and buttery hot naan. I'm glad to know there's reliable, non-greasy, non-buffet style Indian food close by next time I need my fix.

* mango lassi

* onion bhajias
(onion fritters)

* the spread

* lamb masala

* chicken korma

* aloo baingan
(eggplant & potato)

* butter naan

* pulao rice

* Banjara
796 Bloor St. W


  1. I new favourite place for Indian in T.O.

  2. yes! One of my fav, glad you checked it out!