beemster extra old

One of the many reasons why I love the Cheese Boutique is that they often age cheeses in-house for extended periods of time to develop a more mature and complex flavoured cheese. I recently dropped by for a quick cheese run and picked up some Beemster extra old. I was actually hankering some blue, but was given a sample of this and quickly changed my mind. Made with summer cow's milk from 2005, it's aged at the Cheese Boutique for an extra three years. Sharp and nutty tasting, I enjoyed it simply on some sliced baguette topped with a drizzle of Burke's wildflower honey. Heavenly.


  1. thanks for bringing samples - this cheese is so tasty.

  2. Looks amazing Vern. Guess what kind of cheese I just bought from the Safeway deli counter? Horseradish cheese. Sounds offensive (I know), but it has this awesome punch to it.