brezain and bacon grilled cheese

I picked up some Japanese bread at Bakery Nakamura and decided to make a delicious grilled cheese with it. Next, I went to the Cheese Boutique and chose some Brezain cheese from the French Alps. It is a smoked, cow's milk raclette-style cheese which is great for burgers, sandwiches etc. I threw in some maple smoked bacon just because. The bread was ideal for pan grilling and the cheese melted perfectly with the bacon. The best simple grilled cheese I've ever made. Try it at home and see for yourself.

* Yes, I paid over $10 for 5 slices of cheese
and it was worth it!

2 slices of Brezain cheese
2 strips of maple smoked bacon, cooked
2 slices of thick white bread (I used an asian-style loaf)

1. Preheat your pan to medium heat.

2. Butter both bread slices lightly on one side.

3. Place your cheese and bacon between the slices of bread.

4. Grill your sandwich until golden brown or until cheese melts.


  1. Yummm!
    Have you guys tried 'About Cheese' on Church Street yet? Super knowledgeable & enthusiastic staff, lotsa great Canadian selections, AND they serve grilled cheese sandwiches!
    We're car-less, so Cheese Boutique is a rare pleasure for us.

  2. I had visited them briefly before they were closing. They are really nice and have a range of Ontario cheese. I will try their grilled cheese when I visit next time.