café green tea

Over the weekend we trekked over to J-Town (a small Japanese plaza in Markham) and had a quick lunch at the cafeteria-style Café Green Tea. Just place your order at the counter, take the wooden number given to you and head to a table to wait for your meal to come. Everything we had tasted fresh, homey and satisfying. Portions were quite big and typical Japanese lunch items, like curry, soba or tonkatsu cost around $7 or so.

* rice + tonkatsu + sides

* oyako don (chicken + egg over rice)

* croquettes (mashed potatoes mixed with either beef, tuna or corn, then dredged in panko and fried until crispy)

* steamed bun filled with pork and vegetables

* omelette rice

* Café Green Tea
3160 Steeles Ave. E, Markham