delight chocolates

Fair trade and organic, the handmade chocolates at Delight are, uh...delightful. Each flavour is decorated with its own signature design and they come packaged with a cute chocolate map a la Pot of Gold. These chocolates were very good quality, and not just the fillings either, the actual chocolate. I loved the chocolate caramel with smoked sea salt and the regular caramel. The maple butter is just that, buttery with a bright maple flavour. The Quebec blue cheese was surprising with the cheese complimenting the dark chocolate perfectly (though I couldn't imagine eating more than one in a sitting). I was happy to find out after our visit that a Queen Street location has opened dangerously close to my house, which means I'll get to try some of their homemade ice cream sooner than I thought!

* Delight
3040 Dundas St.W
805 Queen St.W

* left to right: chocolate caramel w/ smoked sea salt, Quebec blue cheese, caramel, maple butter

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