brunch at the stockyards

I know that The Stockyards is known for their bbq, but their Sunday brunch menu sounded so enticing that I couldn't resist checking it out. Do not go to The Stockyards if you're looking for a light brunch. Go if you're starving. The portions are huge, the food is filling and there's no shortage of meat, butter and flavour. I foresee some of their bbq in my future real soon.

* The space is really small. No tables, just stools.

* seating

* dulce de leche beignets
These are fried to order, come piping hot, oozing with sweet dulce de leche. Amazing.

* beignet insides

* the whole 9 stockyards
Two deep-fried poached eggs (yes, deep-fried), bacon, sausage, roasted potatoes, fried green tomatoes, pit beans and toast. This plate was crazy. The bacon (seriously thick-cut) and sausage are made in-house and are really good. I loved the pit beans. They were smoky, sweet and had pulled pork running through them. This is definitely an indulgent breakfast.

* eggs tommy
deep-fried poached eggs with house cured andouille sausage, butter poached shrimp on homemade buttermilk biscuits, topped with hollandaise + roasted potatoes. Again a very rich plate of food. The sausage and shrimp were both really nice, but the star of this dish was the biscuits. Flaky, soft, tangy and sweet, I would have been happy with just the biscuit and some butter (ok, and maybe some of that hollandaise too).

* close up of the deep fried poached egg
This is truly unique and actually quite tasty. The eggs seem to be coated in a spice blend before deep frying and leaves a nice sorta-crisp crust on the egg. You can see the egg doesn't end up as runny inside, but the flavour and texture combination are a nice twist.

* The Stockyards
699 St. Clair Ave. W

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  1. Definitely a house of meaty goodness! Wish they had better seating though.