almond olive oil cake

The sounds of this cake may not seem that exciting and maybe even weird (olive oil in cake?), but rest assured it's one tasty cake. I decided to make it because I noticed that I had a whole jar of almond meal in my pantry, and I wanted to put some of the amazing olive oil that I brought back from Italy to good use. The original recipe has a brown butter glaze that I'm sure is delicious, but I was out of butter at the time so I served it on its own. This cake is not too sweet, but really flavourful. The almond meal gives it a great texture and the olive oil keeps the cake really moist.


  1. It does weird, but I bet it's tasty. Almond anything is good. Chinese Almond Cookie yummm... marzipan...

  2. those chinese almond cookies are so good! gordo used to always drop those off for you...that and those awesome pre-made vietnamese dishes that you can get in chinatown. i always think of you guys when i walk by those places. aw gordo!