dinner at beast

I haven't had a restaurant post in a while so I'll show you some pics from a recent dinner at Beast. Rather than do the usual app then main, we decided to sample a bunch of their smaller portioned dishes and taste as much as we could. Here's what we had (sorry the pics aren't that great, but I didn't want to disturb the other diners with the flash). I really enjoyed this meal. The duck hearts (meaty and perfectly matched with the earthy mushrooms), sweetbreads (crisp and creamy), and scallops (the rabbit curry didn't overpower their sweetness) were my favourites of the evening. As for desert, the speculaas ice cream really blew me away. I grew up on those spicy Dutch cookies and this uber-creamy ice cream tasted exactly like the cookie (even though I didn't see any cookie bits in it). Amazing! I contemplated asking if I could get a pint of the stuff.

* house-made breads: mini baguettes & parker house roll w/ jalapeno-honey butter
I could have eaten that butter with a spoon.

* duck hearts on toast w/ mushroom ragu

* lamb ribs w/ carolina bbq sauce, cornbread and coleslaw

* poutine w/ gnocchi, beef cheek gravy and creme fraiche

* smoked rainbow trout w/ radish kimchi, cucumber and capers

* crispy sweetbreads w/ mac 'n cheese, smoked bacon and homemade hot sauce

* scallops w/rabbit curry, brinjal pickle and raita

* apple pie w/ cheddar, brittle and chantilly cream

* speculaas (left) and pecan hokey pokey (right) ice cream

* Beast
96 Tecumseth Ave.

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