chuck's burger bar

We went to Chuck's Burger Bar for dinner while we were in Hamilton over the weekend. I feel like the layout could have been better since it's a small space (our party of four were seated at an awkward long, high table), but the food was good (and that's what counts, right?) Cooked to medium (exactly how I like mine) and housed within a properly soft bun, the burgers were great. We also shared two of their poutines: the traditional Quebecois and the pulled pork. Both were good, but I've had better.

* pulled pork poutine

* Quebecois poutine

* slider trio (bacon + Blue Haze cheese/Chuck's triple cheese/pulled pork + slaw)

* angus burger

* Chuck's Burger Bar
194 Locke Street South
Hamilton, ON.


  1. Ha! Luke's buddies opened a bar in Banff about a year ago called The Eddie Burger & Bar ( They actually have a new VW bug called the Eddie Mobile with a big burger on the roof. Hilarious - great burgers though!

  2. That's awesome. Burgers are the new cupcakes these days!