asian snack attack pt.1

Oh Asian snacks! Your packaging is always so cute, your flavour combinations so tempting. We just couldn't resist reviewing some new-found Asian treats. Here's the first thing that came out of our mouths after sampling each snack.

Part 1: the savoury

rotong xtra cheezy cheez balls (Malaysia)

davis: they're not balls
vern: they're not cheesy

cheese corn rings (Japan)

davis: like funyuns, but funner
vern: kinda sweet, kinda cheesy, kinda addictive

calbee korean cuttlefish flavour wave cut chips (Japan)

davis: fishy ruffles
vern: tastes like old fish and bad aftertaste

jack'n jill roasted wings honey savoury flavour potato chips (China)

davis: they look really white
vern: all I taste is five-spice powder

glico comesco scallop rice crackers (Japan)

davis: fishy crisps
vern: like a shrimp-flavoured rice cracker

everyone says good good eat noodle snacks (Taiwan)

davis: I like them because of the bag
vern: tastes like instant ramen noodle seasoning

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  1. Loving the Asian snack product post; SuperStore has an entire aisle filled with these exotic mysteries. I tried the cuttlefish flavored chips a few months ago and was uber disappointed. Best new Asian product sampled: a coconut surprise that came in some sort of tetra pack. Not quite coconut drink; not quite coconut dessert. Delicious!