asian snack attack pt.2

Our Asian snack reviews continue with...part 2: the sweet

wei lin lychee gummies (Taiwan)

davis: they look like brains, but taste good
vern: these taste like actual lychee

meiji kinoko no yama kuchidoke (caramel covered mushroom biscuits) (Japan)

davis: shroom-tastic
vern: milky, crunchy...I love these

pucca creamy maple flavour (Japan)

davis: crunchy maple pancake
vern: bland pretzel shell filled with maple cream

morinaga cherry blossom chocolate sticks (Japan)

davis: tastes like mom's perfume
vern: these are ok...the cherry taste is very subtle

sakuma's moomin fruit candy (Japan)

davis: I just like the tin
vern: yup, tastes like fruity hard candy alright...ok, I bought these for the tin

tirol chocolate (4 flavours): hot cake, white cookie, chocolate almond & milk (Japan)

hot cake: like a white chocolate covered crispy, caramel-y pancake
white cookie: like and oreo, but better
chocolate almond: like an almond m&m
milk: a condensed milk filled chocolate

davis & vern: hot cake, hands down our fav!

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  1. caramel mushrooms!!! looks sooo good~ and I love lychee :)