top 3 coffee shops

It's no secret that I love coffee. There seems to be a new coffee shop opening up on every major street in Toronto. I'm glad to see independent coffee shops opening up and I love trying out new places to drink coffee. Here are my top 3 coffee places in Toronto that you must visit. I've been known to go across the city and I think these are worth the extra travel time.

The Communal Mule - One of my favourite spots to grab an americano and a cheese & apple scone. It has a very friendly vibe which I love, and you'll probably have Peter greet you when you walk up to the counter and order. Look for new issues of Monocle, fashion and design magazines on the tables to flip through, plus great tunes playing while hanging out.

Dark Horse Espresso Bar - I've been a long time fan of Dark Horse and I've been known to travel to their east end location in the early mornings. Their communal table works so well, especially if you need to check your email or read the morning paper. The blueberry muffins are a must. If you're in the downtown area be sure to visit their Spadina location with their modern mix of furniture and enough space to house groups of people with their laptops during lunch hours.

Jet Fuel Cafe - This Cabbagetown fixture has been a favourite of mine since high school. Their simple shop is busy and bustling with artists, locals and is a favourite amongst cyclists. Be sure to grab their classic frothy large latte when you're there. Rotating art exhibits and a sense of community make it a great landmark coffee shop in Toronto.

* The Communal Mule
984 Dundas Street West

* Jet Fuel Cafe
519 Parliament Street

* Dark Horse Espresso Bar
682 Queen Street East
215 Spadina Ave

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  1. mmmmmm the communal mule is also my favourite and the service is always friendly, very hard to find that combination in Toronto.