the harbord room

Last week I went for a not-so-quiet Friday night dinner at The Harbord Room. The space is small and busy (hence the not-so-quiet), but the food is so good that it easily distracts from the unruly noise (including the rowdy, young women yell-talking at the table beside you).

* The Harbord Room
89 Harbord St.

* pickled veal tongue reuben sandwich

* seared rare & marinated BC white tuna

* steak frites w/ ermite blue cheese and
roast tomato butter

* wild caught BC ling cod w/ chorizo, olives, mussels
and white beans

* cooked to order doughnut filled with lime curd
w/ wild blueberry preserves, roasted pineapple and vanilla
bean ice cream

* cheese plate (clockwise from bottom: Monforte Toscano,
Bleu Bendictine, Sentinelle goat's cheese,
thin bread crisps, centre: fresh honeycomb)


  1. This place MUST be amazing based on the food. I'd go nuts over the cod and tuna. There's a place in Guelph like this i.e. great food, but so small you can't help but here everyone's every word (note: its draws Sex in the City'ish type women). On's been so long I forget what it's called. Keep up the great work on the blog Vern and Davis!

  2. It's always nice finding a new place where you know the food will be good! Was the place on Carden called Atmosphere or something? We're hoping to do a Guelph post this summer. Hitting the old stomping grounds!

  3. It was totally Atmosphere! My fav is still Carden Street cafe...I think it's the entire fam's fav - so good. Jelly frogs instead of mints, who could resist?

  4. Harbord Room...great steak frites!