taro's fish

Over the weekend I stopped by Taro's Fish for the first time. It's a pretty small place that offers a nice selection of fresh fish, has a made-to-order sushi counter and boasts a Japanese take out section that, on the day I was there, had deep-fried soft-shell crabs, battered perch, oyster rice, and numerous bentos up for grabs. I settled for a sashimi platter and mackerel sushi with shiso. Service was attentive and I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered a bag of ice to keep my fish nice and chilled until I got home.

* sashimi platter ($27)

* mackerel sushi ($4.95)

* pre-made bentos & sushi

* grilled sardines

Chefs prepping take out items and bentos.
It was really busy and this was the only quick shot I could get of the interior without some one getting in the way!

* Taro's Fish
800 Sheppard Ave. E


  1. Taro's has some of the freshest fish/sashimi I've ever had!