la bamboche patisserie

La Bamboche's website describes themselves as a place that offers Japanese and French fusion treats. I ventured out to their Avenue Rd. location (one of two) and found that the intricate presentation of their pastries couldn't make this statement more true. Everything was just so, well, pretty. But how did they taste?

* chocolate tart with chocolate truffles
This was an overall favourite. Filled with an airy chocolate mousse and topped with decadent truffles it was executed perfectly. I would go back just for this tart.

* blueberry mousse cake
This cake had a subtle berry flavour, was creamy and not overly sweet. A nice light treat, but not something I'd rush to get again.

* honey yuzu cake
Unfortunately this cake looked better than it tasted. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. The flavours just didn't seem to fit together and the mousse layer, though citrusy enough, tasted a bit too eggy.

* spinach & cheese croissant
Flakey and buttery, this croissant was delicious. One of better ones in the city. I think it actually had two cheeses: one melted (gruyere perhaps?) on top and a cheesy bechamel that paired beautifully with the fresh spinach within.

* La Bamboche
4 Manor Rd. East
1712 Avenue Rd.

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