I've been to Caplansky's a few times, and when I go, I usually go for one thing: smoked meat. Fatty cut, on rye bread, lots of mustard. This time, however, I tried out their breakfast.

* smoked meat hash
a huge portion of chopped smoked meat fried with potatoes and onions, topped with 2 runny fried eggs,and a side of challah toast. I slathered the hash with Kozlik's maple mustard and went to town. I'd order this again for sure.

* steak and eggs
Joe gave this just an ok. He was lured by the promise of latkes, but sadly they were m.i.a (though the accompanying apple sauce was there). There was also a mysterious side of bacon on the plate (no complaints about that). The steak, though tender enough, was definitely over-done and not medium-rare as requested.

* pickled plate
I always get the pickled plate here. For one, I love deli-style pickles. Secondly, the pickled peppers (some hot, some sweet)and tomatoes are perfectly tart and tangy. I don't think the pickles are made in-house though.

* Caplansky's Delicatessen
356 College St.

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  1. The smoked meat hash was mighty tasty...the Leo or the Versht will be my pick for next time.