anton & james

Anton & James is a Pret A Manger type place that's a must to visit when you're in Montreal. They make fresh sandwiches, pizza, baked goods, ice cream and various pre-made salads. I am really loving these fast, delicious, sit-in or take-out places in Montreal. They make high quality fresh foods that are perfect if you're on the go or want a meal that's quick and satisfying. Here are some shots of my recent visit to Anton & James.

* couscous salad

* baked goods

* BBQ chicken sandwich with corn salsa

* wasabi tuna wrap

* Anton & James
1414 Stanley St.
Montreal, QC


  1. the food there was so yummy - a very unassuming place.

  2. Toronto needs more 'good quality' take away places that are not a arm and a leg. I go to Pret and EAT , and M&S all the time in London!