cho sun ok

Cho Sun Ok is known for its mul naeng myun (Korean cold noodles). To me, it's the perfect thing to eat on a hot day. Chewy arrowroot noodles in a slushy broth that's sweet, spicy, vinegary and uber-refreshing. It's topped with sliced Korean pear, cucumber, pickled radish and half of a boiled egg. You can also get a spicier version without as much broth called bibim naeng myun which is the same cold noodles slathered in gochujang (spicy Korean red pepper sauce). If this place was closer I'd probably be there way too often.

* Cho Sun Ok
7353 Yonge St.

* chapsal sundae
(blood sausage w/ glutinous rice)

* mul naeng myun

* bibim naeng myun

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  1. Mul naeng myun...I can think of few meals that are as good and satisfying on a hot day!