chu chai

Chu Chai, is without a doubt the best vegetarian restaurant in Montreal. I went years ago when my sister lived in Montreal, but since then Chu Chai has re-branded itself and now includes a bistro addition to its fine dining restaurant. We went on a busy Saturday night on rue St. Denis, but it was worth it. For a non-vegetarian you can hardly tell the difference with it's delicious flavours and fresh take on traditional Thai cuisine. Here are some of the items we ordered.

* Crispy Spinach
We ordered this as an appetizer and I thought it would be more salty than sweet. Great to snack on, but I wanted it to be saltier.

* Phad Thai
These were the best noodles I've tasted.
Like I said earlier, the flavours here are hard to
describe because this is not your everyday Thai joint.

* Papaya Salad (extra spicy as requested)
This was made very spicy, but for us it tasted just right. Papaya salad just like mom use to make minus the basil they added.

* Tom Yum Gai Soup
This was another classic dish that had so much flavour. It did have fake chicken, but to be honest, I couldn't tell the difference. It was spicy and sour and full of tomatoes and mushrooms.

* Spicy Beef with Bamboo Shoots
This was my favourite dish and I'm still having cravings for it. It had shredded "beef", peppers and bamboo shoots in this incredible sauce that was a mixture of curry, coconut milk and spices. It was heaven.

* Chu Chai
4094, rue Saint Denis
Montreal, QC

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