Foxley specializes in tapas-sized asian inspired dishes that are perfect for sharing. Although we were only a group of three, we managed to plough through quite a bit of the menu. Overall, we had more hits than misses and got to try a variety of different flavours.

* grilled Japanese pike mackerel w/ yuzu-ponzu sauce
This was similar to the grilled fish you can order at most Japanese or Korean food joints. The sauce cut through the rich meat nicely and added a bright hit of citrus.

* grilled beef heart w/ chili lime salsa
Our party of three loved this dish. The heart was tender and seasoned just right. The sauce was citrusy, spicy and really complimented the meat.

* grilled side ribs w/ caramelized shallot glaze
Though these ribs were nice and juicy, the glaze (which tasted of molasses, soy, onion and green curry) was a bit too overwhelming, rich and cloying for us.

* lamb and duck prosciutto dumplings
You really can't go wrong with crunchy, deep-fried packets of meat and it was nice to have a variation on the usual pork filled dumplings I get elsewhere.

* wild Nunavut arctic char ceviche w/ yuzu and shiso
Probably the favourite of the night, the combination of barely cooked fish with the citrus, shiso and apple was a match made in heaven.

* Moroccan spiced chicken wings w/ kaffir lime glaze
These were ok. The sauce was too similar to the sauce on the ribs.

* grilled calamari and shrimp on mango salad
I love mango salad and this one was good, just not anything special. I found the calamari to be slightly overcooked and under-seasoned.

* frog's legs sauteed w/ poblano and szechwan spices
We all found this kind of "meh". I found the frog's legs to be a bit tough and the smokey, heavily spiced sauce just wasn't doing it for me.

* blue crab and avocado salad
Clean and simple, this salad renewed my love for the avocado. The nuttiness of the sesame seeds are so necessary on this salad and not just for decoration.

* Foxley
207 Ossington Ave.


  1. Can you tell I'm slightly addicted to your blog? Not so sure about the grilled beef heart, but the arctic char ceviche looks amazing. In Brazil BBQ chicken heart is very popular. I was willing to forgo my vegetarian ways while I was down there to be open to new things, but I just couldn't do heart. Instead I stuffed my little face with skewered mozzarella cubes roasted until golden brown over the barbeque. So Vern are these pics part of reg. dinning experiences or are you now dining to critique and blog? Either way you're rocking it!

  2. This was the first time I had heart. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to all the nasty bits, but things like brain and intestines still make me squirm. Man, that ceviche was so amaze! I'd def like to go to Brazil just to eat. I picture lots of meats roasting on an open flame! I guess I eat out quite a bit on the weekends anyways, but the blog has made me go beyond my regular joints and see what else the city has to offer. I don't want to come off like a professional critic in any way, but I think it's important to give my opinion on what I ate, what I liked and what I didn't like. Thanks for reading Brae, it's nice knowing at least one person is enjoying it!

  3. Hi Vern,
    how delicious looking - could you also post interior shots of the place
    it would be nice to get a feel of the place.


  4. Hey Arounna! I'll definitely try to take some interior shots in the future. I'm always a bit hesitant (especially when it's busy), but I'll make a point to do so at future meals!