guelph eats

Over the weekend I went to see my bro in Guelph. I actually went to University there so it's always nice to go back and visit every once in a while too. I made sure to hit up the amazing Saturday morning farmers' market where Salsateria salsa, made-to-order donuts, and tarts from the mennonites were bought. I stopped by Dutch Toko (a specialty store that features a huge selection of Dutch products)to buy some imported Gouda, cured sausages and other treats. And I also went to Ouderkirk & Taylor, another specialty food store that features artisanal products like freshly baked breads, cheeses, gourmet sauces, and pre-made meals. Here are some highlights from my visit.

* wild boar sausage from Ouderkirk & Taylor
(amazingly meaty and delicious!)

* dark milk chocolate & fleur de sel bar
from Ouderkirk & Taylor

* cheddar and blue cheese bread
from Ouderkirk & Taylor

* assorted tarts from Frey's Home Baking
at the farmers' market

* donut-making machine

* fresh apple cider donuts
from the farmers' market


  1. Sooo jealous... I went to the Calgary's Farmer's market w Luke this am for eggs benny, but the market here has nothing on Guelph. Salsateria? Totally forgot about that place - love it!

  2. I know the Guelph market is pretty darn good! I think it has something to do with those mennonites. I'm hoping one will take me under their wing one day and show me the way to make the flakiest tarts. Next time I'm going to tour all of those amazing Vietnamese joints in the south end. Remember those?

  3. My Dad went to Mennonite country (St. Jacob's) to work on a pig farm every Saturday for an entire summer in return for assistance on the post and beam addition to the house. Apparently they're more than happy to teach. Next time you're at either Guelph or St. Jacob's you should just ask... How could I forget the Vietnamese places in the South? They're awesome. Gordo is a well known connoisseur in those parts!