pizzeria libretto

After a weekend away from the city, the last thing I wanted to do was cook, so Sunday night we had a nice, early dinner at Pizzeria Libretto. It seems like some people love this place and some people hate it. Personally, I think if you're looking for authentic thin-crust pizza, it's executed near-perfectly here. The crust is chewy, seasoned and charred in all the right places. Plus I appreciate them not overloading my pizza with too many toppings.

* buttermilk calamari w/ romesco sauce
Crsipy, tender and not greasy, the calamari was cooked just right. The romesco sauce (made of red peppers and almonds) was tangy, sweet and a nice change from a typical marinara usually served with calamari.

* grant's (from The Black Hoof) salumi
I think this was sopressata. It was peppery, flecked with creamy pieces of fat, and served with house-made pickled beets.

* house-made sausage pizza
Sausage and sweet caramelized onions are a perfect combination on pizza. The chili oil added the slightest hint of spiciness, but Joe drizzled on some extra for a bit more heat.

* margherita D.O.P (with extra mozzarella)
The tomato sauce on this pizza is pretty amazing. It basically tastes like crushed sweet, ripe tomatoes. The fresh mozzarella is key on a classic pizza like this.

* perfectly charred crust

* Pizzeria Libretto
221 Ossington Ave.

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  1. Truly good pizza! The crust is so tasty and the toppings are of great quality. I just wish it wasn't so busy all the time, but I can see why it is.