ajisen ramen

Ajisen Ramen is a chain and their newest location opened on Spadina a few months ago making it convenient for me to finally experience their much-touted ramen. I had the "tenderous rib" ramen and Joe went for the pork (the copy-editor in me must note that "tenderous" isn't a word though I shouldn't judge since I make up words all the time). Both came with a pleasantly milky and savoury broth that tasted of pork and garlic. The noodles, although probably not made in-house, were not overcooked and had a nice bite to them. Our ramen was topped with bean sprouts, seaweed and green onions.

* deep fried tofu
Nothing special. The usual cubes of tofu fried and served in a dashi-based sauce.

* pork ramen
Thinly sliced pork with a pork-based broth.

* tenderous rib ramen
These were beef ribs that must have been braised for a long time (hence them being tender). However, they also came with chunks of fatty tendon, so if you're not into gelatinous textures you may want to avoid this one. I on the other hand love tendon so it was a welcome addition to my ramen.

* noodles

* Ajisen Ramen
332 Spadina Ave.

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