greg's ice cream

I won't say that the ice cream at Greg's Ice Cream is the best I've ever had (that's too big of a statement that I'm not willing to commit to), but it's definitely up there. I chose lemon meringue and pistachio for my two scoops. The lemon was nicely tart and not too sweet (just like a good lemon meringue pie), and the pistachio was studded with toasted pistachios and wasn't a toxic green like at some places. I also got a taste of the roasted marshmallow ice cream which somehow has that smokey-sweet just roasted on a campfire flavour.

* top: lemon meringue; bottom: pistachio

* top: roasted marshmallow; bottom: banafee (toffee & banana)

* pistachio close-up (and melting)

* Greg's Ice Cream
720 Spadina Ave.

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  1. nice pictures! I went to this place a few times, Pistachio was my favourite! I didn't really like the Roasted Marshmallow though.