cheeses from monforte dairy

At the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market on Tuesday I picked up two gorgeous cheeses from Monforte Dairy. The first is Toscano, an Italian-style sheep's milk cheese that's slightly sweet, slightly salty and a bit earthy. This piece had been aged for over a year so it was a touch sharp too. I sliced some into a simple green salad, but ate most of it on its own. I also grabbed a chunk of one of my standby cheeses, Halloumi. Also made from sheep's milk, this cheese is almost like a giant cheese curd. It's pretty mild in flavour, but has a nice hint of salt. It's a bit spongy and squeaks when you eat it. It also doesn't melt so you can even grill it. I'm planning on using it in a summer-fresh salad with chunks of watermelon and fresh mint (that is, if it lasts that long).

* left: toscano; right: halloumi

* toscano close-up

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