the lakeview

I've always found the food at The Lakeview to be mediocre at best. I've never been wowed and am often regretful that I didn't just suck it up and accept the wait time at the Hoof Cafe. On the other hand, The Lakeview is close to my house and is easy to stumble to when I'm hungry and desperate. This is where me, Joe and my bro ended up on a recent Sunday when none of us could make up our minds on what to eat or where to go.

* coffee

* freedom toast (french toast stuffed with brie,
havarti and peameal)
This was actually pretty good. I'd eat it again, minus the wilted salad.

* the Turbo breakfast sandwich with bacon
Overcooked egg. Check. One piece of bacon. Check. Two pieces of useless lettuce. Check. An overpriced egg McMuffin. Check.

* the standard
Joe was not impressed with this. I mean who gives a dry, deep-fried Italian-style sausage for breakfast? We want breakfast sausages! And fruit that isn't about to hit the compost!

* sweet potato fries w/ ancho chili garlic mayo
Ok, just nothing special.

* The Lakeview
1132 Dundas St.W

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