chicago day 1

So I'm back from a short trip to Chicago. It was sweltering hot, but a nice getaway nonetheless. So what did I eat? Here’s my recap of day one.

Lunch at Al’s #1 Italian Beef. At first bite I was like “hmm, not really into this.” But by bite three it was more like “oh yeah, I am totally into this.” Basically shaved beef on a squishy roll topped with hot giardinera and DIPPED (optional) into the beef juice.

* my Italian beef

* Al's #1 Italian Beef
169 W. Ontario St
Chicago, IL.

Dinner at Mado. This was my favourite meal of the entire trip. Located in Wicker Park, it's one of the many Chicago restaurants that proudly supports the farm to fork movement. The menu focuses on small dishes meant for sharing.

* inside Mado

* capicola
Porky goodness.

* accompaniments (sourdough bread, grain mustard and daily pickles)

* chicken liver pate
Holy crap this was probably one of the best chicken liver pates I have ever eaten. It was rich, smooth and buttery and tasted as if it had a hint of blue cheese in it.

* roasted carrots with ras el hanout goat cheese, pistachios and cumin honey
This dish was probably one of the best of the evening and it didn’t even have meat! The carrots were earthy and sweet, the goat cheese was creamy and tangy and the honey just pulled everything together. I’m hoping to recreate this one at home.

* duck prosciutto with melon and chili
Salty, sweet and refreshing. This was a match made in heaven. Also been added to my "must try to make at home" list.

* whole wood-grilled rainbow trout with corn
and squash + gorgonzola polenta
Such a fresh and tasty main. The fish was cooked perfectly, the veggies were tender and sweet, and the polenta was creamy and just cheesy enough.

* chocolate marquise with raspberries
Basically a lush and dense chocolate pot topped with a tart, barely-mashed raspberry. So good!

* shortbread
This shortbread was really buttery and crumbly and delicious. The portion was huge so we had to bring some back to the hotel with us.

* Mado
1647 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL.

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  1. Mado is a great place! Food is awesome and I love the free BYOB concept, which seems to be fairly common in Chicago.