some cheese + vacay!

First off, I'm excited to say that I'm going on a little vacation next week. I'll be back posting on August 3. There'll be plenty of eating involved (as usual) so I'm sure I'll have lots to share when I get back!

Moving on. Last weekend I had a couple friends over for some drinks and eats. Along with the fougasse and prosciutto wrapped dates that I blogged earlier this week, I also made some homemade onion dip (recipe will be posted soon) and had a small cheese plate. This gave me reason to (happily) head over to the Cheese Boutique (obvs) and picked out three delightful cheeses.

clockwise from top left: taleggio (Italy); riopelle (Quebec); under the tuscan sun (Italy)

Taleggio: This cheese has mushroom-y and almost yeasty undertones. It's pretty soft and melts really well making it perfect for mac and cheese and grilled sandwiches.

Riopelle: This is a raw milk cheese and is one of my all time favourites. Similar in texture to a Saint Andre or a brie, it's a triple cream cheese that tastes buttery and tangy.

Under the Tuscan Sun: This is a pretty mild cheese that paired well with fruit. Texturally it was similar to a gouda and it was a nice cheese to eat on it's own or with a dab of my homemade red pepper jelly.

* Yuki Hotaru "Snow Firefly" Sake
This is one of my favourite types of sake. It's refreshing, light and can be served warm or chilled (I prefer chilled).

* the table

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