chicago day 4

After the gorging that happened on day three, we tried to restrain ourselves on our last day (though I did consume copious amounts of Garretts Chicago Mix popcorn). We started with lunch at Rick Bayless's Frontera Grill. As far as Mexican food goes (real Mexican, not Tex-Mex), this was some of the best ever.

* entremes surtido appetizer platter
(from top left: chicken taquitos, guac & tortillas, ceviche tostadas, quesadillas, jicama salad)
The ceviche and quesadillas (corn masa turnovers stuffed
w/ cheese) were my favs.

* carne asada a la Oaxaquena
Rib steak marinated in red chile w/ plantains, beans and guacamole.

* tacos al carbon
Al pastor-style pork & pineapple w/ beans and guacamole

* fresh tortillas

* Frontera Grill
445 North Clark St.
Chicago, IL.

Dinner was close to our hotel at Quartino, an Italian restaurant literally two minutes away. We passed it every night and it was always packed. We figured it to be a touristy joint, but gave it a try since we wanted to have an early night. We started with a tasting of various meats, cheeses and antipasto dishes (you get to pick) and the portion was huge. Then we moved on to pasta. I'm not really into pasta too often, but these dishes were simple and delicious, especially the home made noodles.

* salumeria tasting: fennel salad, gorgonzola dolce, giardinera, sopresatta, caponata, roasted peppers, mixed olives, duck prosciutto, taleggio, sweet & sour cucumbers, raisin nut crostini

* cavatelli with fresh ricotta, basil and tomatoes

* tagliatelle alla bolognese

* Quartino
626 N. State St.
Chicago, IL.


  1. Absolutely love all the Chicago post Vernie. Looks like you and Joe had fun checking out the eats around the city :)

  2. Thanks Brae! Currently am detoxing from all of the eating!

  3. No doubt! Don't detox too long though. I look fwd to your (almost) daily posts!