crispy calamari

Since last week was all about my trip to the Windy City, this week will mostly be recipes so that I can catch you up on what I've been cooking lately. I made this crispy calamari one night because it was quick and I was in the mood for something fried, but not super-greasy. I used a simple dredge and fry method for the calamari. It's pretty basic and I kind of just winged it, but served with lots of lemon and tzatziki, it turned out to be a satisfying dinner.

salt & pepper to taste
squid (I used baby squid), bodies sliced into rings, tentacles can be left as is or sliced in half if they are large

1. Mix equal parts of flour and cornstarch and add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

2. Dredge squid pieces into flour mixture. Shake excess flour off.

3. Deep fry in batches until just golden (about 3 minutes or so).

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