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The Counter is a 24-hour diner in the new Thompson hotel. I'd heard mixed reviews, but I feel that Toronto lacks in the diner department (and I have an odd fascination with diner food) so I decided to give this place a try. The verdict: pretty good, I'd definitely go back and sample a few more dishes (just not sure when—I'm not in a rush).

* complimentary pretzels

* side of double mac & cheese w/ pancetta and truffle oil
This "side" was huge. It was creamy and gooey with a nice hint of garlic, but mildy flavoured in terms of cheese (what cheeses were used? c'mon menu description!). It also needed a touch of salt (or saltier cheese). The pancetta looked pretty, but it would have been more effective if it was chopped and strewn throughout the dish; it was too hard to break a piece off with each bite. Crostini on the side? Totally unnecessary.

* alpine burger w/ onion rings (was supposed to be fries)
There was a mix-up and Joe got my onion rings and I got his fries (an easy fix though). He thought the burger was pretty great. The bun was nice and soft and the burger patty was juicy. I could tell because it was also super messy. Oh, and MY onion rings were light and uber-crunchy.

* pastrami reuben w/ fries (was supposed to be onion rings, read above)

* reuben
This was alright. The reuben came with piles of pastrami and the sauerkraut cut through the richness of it, however it was missing the classic Russian dressing that the menu said came with this sandwich. The dressing could have made it better. The fries were good. Crisp, hot and not too greasy.

* The Counter
550 Wellington St. W.

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  1. That burger looks divine, but i must say i hate it when restaurants try to make a simple dish too fancy (talking about the mac and cheese here!). I find they like to add extra touches that it doesn't need, and then charge double the price for it. But i wouldn't mind getting my teeth into that burger!