breakfast at littlefish

Somehow I was up at a hideously early hour last Sunday (even after coming home at 3:30 a.m. from Nuit Blanche) to hit up Littlefish in The Junction with a friend. We both ordered their basic breakfast which include 2 eggs, bacon or homemade sausage patties, toast and homefries. I chose the sausage which came as 5 small, slightly spicy patties that were flavourful, but were pretty lean which may be healthier, but also means they could have been juicier. I also ordered a single bacon pancake on the side. Yup, bacon pancake. Light and fluffy, the salty-sweet pancake was a winner in my books. I'd definitely go back to Littlefish, but the chances of me getting up early on another Sunday anytime soon is pretty slim.

* Littlefish
3080 Dundas St. W

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