italy part 1

Here are some shots from my time in Italy. Since this trip was for work, I didn't get to do, see and most importantly, eat, everything that I wanted to. I especially missed being able to check out the different markets in each city. I did, however, come home with an overstuffed (and overweight) suitcase full of amazing olive oil and other Italian delights. Now that I've had a taste of Italy, I'm hoping to go back next spring and plan my own itinerary. Can't wait.

* it rained pretty much every day during my trip. it was nice to spot this rainbow by the Colosseum

* vegetable anitpasti

* mmmm cured meats

* artichoke risotto + penne with prosciutto + ribolitta (thick Tuscan bread soup)

* pesto

* pasta amatriciana + cheese-stuffed ravioli

* pasta w/ meat sauce and pine nuts

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