dinner at tutti matti

Over the weekend, Joe and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary (holy crap) with dinner at Tutti Matti. The real celebration will happen in May with a trip to Europe, but in the meantime this hearty Tuscan meal did the trick. Service was a bit slow and weak (when asked what the fish of the day was, the response of "halibut" with no explanation as to how it was prepared or what it would be served with), but the food was authentically Italian and delicious. Again apologies for the picture quality—now with an upcoming trip on the horizon means that I may just need to invest in a better camera...

* carpaccio di tonno
raw tuna w/ grapefruit, orange, oven roasted quince and mache
This was the only disappointment of the night. Everything really overpowered the tuna. I ended up scraping everything off of the fish and eating it all separately.

* toscano
charcuterie (bresola, coppa, prosciutto), itlian cheeses (ribiola, pecorino, aged goat), olives, crostini w/ ricotta, quince jam, marinated vegetables and venison terrine wrapped in lardo
This was awesome. Everything was so good. I was jealous of Joe for getting this.

* cervo con aceto
venison chop w/ agrodolce cipollini onions and smashed chickpeas
Because venison is so lean you have to eat this rare and it was cooked just so. I really enjoyed the sweet-sour chickpeas too (though I wouldn't say they were "smashed").

* tagliata
rib eye steak w/ arugula, brussels sprouts, onion marmalade and toasted bread
My steak was cooked to a perfect rare and was seasoned with the same chunky salt that I remember from Tuscany. A great piece of meat that I sadly couldn't finish.

* polenta fritta
fried polenta
Uber-crisp on the outside and nice and creamy in the middle.

* budino
chocolate and hazelnut(?) mousse on top of a salted chocolate shortbread (still warm) served with olive oil gelato.
I love salty-sweet things so this was perfect to me. The gelato wasn't as mind-blowing as the olive oil gelato I had at Otto, but countered the sweetness of the mousse nicely.

* tiramisu
Joe went for the classic tiramisu. He was still raving about how creamy and luscious it was the next morning so it was obviously good.

Tutti Matti
364 Adelaide St. W


  1. Toscano looks all kinds of amazing. Stoked to see you guys are going to Europe to celebrate your 10 years! Back to Italy??? Have you read 'My Life in France Yet?' I'm sure you have. Just finishing it and have a slight lady crush on Julia Child.

  2. i read it a couple of years ago—definitely inspirational. the plan is to go to london + paris. we were in paris a few years ago and loved it so much. neither of us have been to london so that will be exciting. i already told joe that i'll prob only bring 2 outfits because i need room in my luggage to bring back cheese, chocolate, fois gras etc.

  3. Hilarious! Only now (after finishing 'My Life in France'), have I ever had any desire to go to Paris. You'll have to tell me all about it. London too, although I don't get overly excited about London. 2 outfits and a pit stick is all you need for any trip!