impulsive buys

Recently I was wandering down the snack isle at my local T&T and impulsively picked up a few things.

* clockwise from top left: ribbed cracklings, picattos, pretz, pudding chocolate

* Oishi Ribbed Cracklings in Old Fashioned Salt & Vinegar
A Filipino snack that drew me in with the "Beer Match" symbol on the bag that says "Flavors were selected specifically for a beer drinkers enjoyment." I like beer, but I did not like these too much. They had a hint of spice, but the texture was weird like a thicker, harder shrimp chip flavoured with salt and vinegar.

* Jack 'n Jill Picattos sour cream & onion chips
These Filipino chips reminded me of a crunchier Pringles-stye chip. They had a good sour cream and onion flavour and I ate them in one sitting.

* Pretz Yuzu Koshou flavour
I had no idea what flavour this was when I bought it. The box looked like maybe it was yakitori or something grilled? I looked online for way too long trying to find this flavour, and I finally found that it was Yuzu Koshou which is a pungent spice made from yuzu and chili pepper. These were good. Peppery, citrusy with a hint of soy.

* Kabaya Pudding Chocolate
I feel like I've picked up this box a few times (because it's so cute) and so I finally bought it. I think that it's supposed to taste like creme caramel, but it just had an artificial vanilla and eggnog flavour and left a film in my mouth like after eating margarine or shortening.

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