a day in hamilton

Over the weekend Joe and I went on a little day trip to Hamilton. I wanted to check out the newly renovated farmers market and also visit our friends Seema and Steve. The market was bustling and larger than I thought it would be. I feel like it has a lot of potential and am definitely looking forward to seeing it when it's overflowing with seasonal produce this summer. Another highlight of our trip: Denninger's. Cured meats, cheese and pretty much any European ingredient you would need is here. I went a bit crazy for the cheap Ritter Sport bars and Haribo candies while Joe pounced on the selection of salami.

* the market is two floors and has everything from meat and cheese to produce and ethnic ingredients.

* should have bought some

* fish!

* so many homemade baked goods

* easter chocolate display at Denninger's

* i love Milka bars. it's a weakness.

* i also love Haribo candies.

* this is a lone pickle in a sealed can (i'll post the contents when i open it)

* ritter sport bars (another weakness).

* sweet and horseradish mustard

* joe's meat haul (from left to right): hot cacciatore, venison and beef salami, german style salami, smoked link sausage

* whisky cheddar
After having a taste of this cheese Seema and I both bought some. It's sharp, but slightly creamy and even a touch sweet. Just a bit more complex than an average aged cheddar.

* Denninger's
284 King St. E
Hamilton, ON.

* Hamilton Farmers Market
35 York Blvd.
Hamilton, ON.

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  1. I was delighted by the vibrant farmers market and modern library upstairs! Also, Denninger's is a great food shop that shouldn't be missed when Hamilton.