a night of nabe

While in Hamilton my friend Seema made us Nabe for dinner. This Japanese hot pot was perfect rainy day comfort food. The flavour of the broth was infused by everything in the pot. And there was a lot in that pot: shrimp, clams, cod, scallops, crab legs, tofu, shirataki noodles, braised daikon, mushrooms, cabbage, mizuna greens and leeks. Every bite was a different flavour and texture—so satisfying to eat! For dessert: Vienna cheesecake and blueberry crumble cake from Denninger's. Thanks Seema and Steve for showing us around the city and for the delicious dinner!

* broiled mackerel

* raw nabe

* nabe cooking

* cooked nabe

* tozai sake
this was a new find at the lcbo—it has a nice fruity taste.

* blueberry crumble cake

* Vienna cheesecake
i need to learn how to make this, it was unlike any other cheesecake I have ever had.

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