konnichiwa restaurant

I don't go to Baldwin Village that often, but had heard good things about Konnichiwa and decided to head over for lunch. I had the spicy salmon and tempura special while my dining companion, a Japanese food first-timer (she's only twelve) had the chicken teriyaki bento box. The food here was really fresh. The tempura was crisp, my spicy salmon roll was delicious and the chicken teriyaki was juicy, charred in all the right places, and not sickly sweet. Overall I found the food here to be much better than most Japanese places in the city. The quality and authenticity was impressive and I'm planning on stopping in again for their ramen which looked and smelled amazing.

* Konnichiwa
31 Baldwin St.


  1. great udon soups here - I like that it's tuck away.

  2. Brae: I didn't taste the Calpico (my god sister ordered it and loved it!), but it was described as a carbonated, citrusy, yogurt-like drink. You can find more info on it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calpis