pho phuong

Over the weekend I had lunch at the new Pho Phuong location on Queen St. W (at Manning). And since it has been sweltering in Toronto, I decided to forgo my usual pho and go with a broken rice dish consisting of rice, grilled pork, grilled chicken and a fried egg. This meat, rice and egg combo really reminds me of the Filipino-style breakfasts my mom often makes when I'm at home.

* cha gio

* broken rice w/ grilled pork, grilled chicken
and fried egg

* Pho Phuong
712 Queen St. W

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  1. The pho at Pho Phuong is ok, but I must say that Pho Pasteur is my favourite. Their broth is much more flavourful and they're also open 24 hrs!