Rather than go out for dinner, Joe and I spent V-day (also his b-day!) at home. We figure that we'll be having a few pricey dinners on our upcoming trip so we're trying not to eat out too much between now and then. So what did we do to celebrate? A quick trip to the Cheese Boutique was all we needed. Nothing says "I love you" more than meat and cheese.

clockwise from top left: niagara gold, roaring forties, picobello (a Dutch cheese that tastes like an aged gouda combined with parmesan), la sauvagine (a buttery brie-like cheese—but better— from Quebec)

clockwise from top left: Cheese Boutique house pate, pinot grigio salami, jambon serano, iberico chorizo

dessert! homemade creme brulee (the recipe will be posted tomorrow)

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